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Community Development

Whole Life 

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Community-Based Community-Led


Community-based and community led, our work builds on the most important asset that every community has...its people. We work to build the capacity of residents and community leaders to plan, identify resources and implement community development activity that will bring transformation to their community. 


We provide a community planning framework that helps leaders identify priorities, organize stake holder partners; and  identify resources to assure that the long-term needs of their community are addressed.  For more information

Work WORKS! is a community-based workforce development resource that has a two-fold mission:  1. To work with individuals living in poverty as they work to secure and sustained employment to move their lives forward; and 2. To work with employers to recruit quality employment candidates, reduce employee turnover and reduce employment costs. More one Work WORKS!


Whole Life - Whole Community provides high quality training and technical support for residents and community leaders who want to work with the private sector, public institutions and their state and local government to bring economic development that assures that life improvement opportunities are made available to the people in the communities they serve. For more information

Whole Life Whole Community

Abundant Communities

Abundant Communities (ACTS) is a faith-rooted training resource for churches and other faith-based organizations that strives to alleviate material poverty through personal relationship and capacity building ministry programs.  The training helps churches develop efforts that move away from relief and give-away programs to restorative relationships that promote dignity and encourage true life transformation.  For more information

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