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Poverty Race Class & Culture

Poverty Race Class & Culture
How Race, Class, & Culture perpetuate Poverty in America and what we can do about it... 

Working with families living in poverty

How has Racism Shaped the Church in America?    

What can we really do about it?

This class will unpack how the Legacy of Slavery continues to influence institutions in our society, including the church.  


Over (6) weeks we will discuss how the modern American church had its roots in slavery and was established during Jim Crow Segregation.

We will explore the origins of the Black Church and why despite the church-led Civil Rights Movement, the American Church remains one of the most segregated institutions in our society

The class concludes with personal and organizational strategies to overcome the impacts of racism and ways we can develop more racial & ethnically diverse congregations.

Individual & Group Rates available includes: workbooks & other learning materials

A Resource for Small Groups & Sunday School Classes

(6) Week Online Class: 


Week 1  *Preparation & Introduction                                                
Week 2    The Legacy of Slavery

Week 3    What is Racist?  Who is Racist? 
Week 4    How Racism Shaped the Church  
Week 5    What we can do about it?

Week 6    How do we get started? 

*Preparation & Introduction 
Because people are at various places in their understanding of race & racism, Week  One is designed to prepare participants for a productive and thought-provoking learning discussion.  We will introduce class learning objectives, clarify key terms and definitions and provide shared learning activities with videos to help unpack those terms and definitions.   Additionally, participants will be able share some of their personal history and define their own learning objectives for the class provides training that equips practitioners to develop (and deliver) programs and services that connect more authentically with people living in poverty, to better understand the reality of a life lived in poverty.  Building on that better understanding, they will be able to help families work to liberate themselves from the negative impacts of poverty in America.  

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