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Upcoming COPE  

Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE)

February 22nd @ 9:00a - 12:30p 


Jersey Baptist Church

 13260 Morse Rd, New Albany, OH 43054

Working with families living in poverty

Student in Poverty 1.jpg

The Cost of Poverty Experience ... 

Experience poverty through the lives of real families who live it



A dynamic shared learning experience that gives participants an idea of what itis like to live trapped in the cycle of poverty  

How does the trauma of a life lived in poverty effect families? Why do students living in poverty Why are many of our helping efforts ineffective? The Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) provides helping professionals a glimpse into the challenges of a life lived in poverty; helping them develop a greater understanding of the impact poverty has on the families they serve.  


SPECIAL GUEST REGISTRATION at the State Convention of Baptist Churches 


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