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Developing Your Church's M.E.I.Q.

Authentic Racial & Ethnic Unity

Love God...Do Justice 

Practitioner Training is our primary mission. We work with churches and other faith-based organizations to better understand the experiences of people living in poverty, so they can develop and deliver more informed programs and services that work to address  poverty more comprehensively.   We offer these training resources in partnership with Think Tank Inc.

Abundant Community (ACTS)
Abundant Communities is a faith-rooted training resource design to help churches and faith-based community organizations move toward a more holistic understanding of poverty and build relationships that surpass culture & class boundaries in order to experience healing, wholeness & reconciliation.  Offered in partnership with Think Tank Inc. 

Robert's interview with Adam Ward of the Columbus Area Church Podcast

Adam Ward interviewed Robert about how and why he got involved in poverty alleviation work and what the church can do to interrupt the cycle of generational poverty. 
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