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Work WORKS! 
or Linden Life Program Staff



This is Copyrighted Material an intended only for Linden Life Program Staff.

Persons interested in this material should contact Robert Caldwell at 

Work WORKS! is a employment preparation training for persons looking to Get and Keep a Job.  This  class is based on interviews with employers from all types of professions who indicated what they are looking for in the folks they hire.  From the CEO of a Fortune 500 to the 3rd Shift Janitor in the factory, employers want their employees to have these Soft Skills. These classes will not only help you get & keep your job, they will help you get raises & promotions.  

Your instruction are to : 

Watch a Video then Take the Quiz.   After you have watched all the Videos, and taken the Quizzes, take the Final Exam.   When you  pass all of the Quizzes and pass the Final Exam contact your program Supervisor.  If you have any questions contact your Program Supervisor. 

Soft Skills Class #1 - How to be a Good Employee

Heading 1

Soft Skills Class #2 - Why you need Soft Skills

Soft Skills Class #3 - Hard Skills vs Soft Skills Part One

Soft Skills Class #4 - Hard Skills vs Soft Skills Part Two

Soft Skills Class #5 -  Five Soft Skills Everyone Should Master

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