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Work WORKS! 

...for Individuals, Employers & Communities 


Success is not helping a person get a job,its helping them keep a job long enough for it to make a difference in their lives 


Soft Skills Class #1 - How to be a Good Employee

Work WORKS! is a community-based employment initiative that works employers community non-profits and other helping organizations who are working with individuals to secure and sustain employment to move their lives forward.


Work WORKS is based on more than 25 years of experience working with individuals living in poverty who have been chronically unemployed or under-employed due to personal choices and life circumstances associated with generational poverty. This group of people lose jobs because of poor employment soft skills and problem personal issues that spill into work life.  


We provide the training materials, mentoring resources and technical support to help organizations recruit, screen and equip participants to secure and sustain employment.  For More Information

I highly recommend Work WORKS! as an employment retention resource. In a very challenging environment, Robert and his team trained over 750 of our new hires and provided leadership training for our front-line supervisors, which helped improved our retention rate."    (Read Business First Article)


Derek Dozer, Human Resource Manager Cooper Standard

Former Director of Human Resources, Columbus Castings

Mentoring Matters

Best practice research indicates that pre-employment soft skills training, coupled mentoring support increases employment retention dramatically. This leads to long-term employment success for the individuals who receive this support and significant employment costs savings for employers. 

Mentor  Dwayne Shavers (Right)

Mentee Dewayne Spears (Left) from Gospel Lighthouse Church

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