Because all people thrive in loving relationships with caring adults

Below are some of the ways interested adults (18 & over) can get involved.  Some opportunities require background checks and training. Ask for details.  

  • Too often many families living in poverty feel isolated and powerless.  Sometimes having someone who will take the time to listen and help with basic needs like diapers, bus passes or shoes for the children is enough to keep them going. 


    We connect interested volunteers to opportunities to connect with families in this more relational way. 

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    Family Support

  • Most know that research has proven that tutoring and mentoring improve learning retention and academic. What is not as well known is that when caring adults invest time tutoring or mentoring,  it helps children build a greater sense of self-worth, more self-confidence and a vision for what is possible for their future.    

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    Tutoring & Mentoring

  • These opportunities are for people who want to uses their teaching/training skills  and experience to help adults living in poverty build capacity for educational and/or vocational achievement. Some of these training opportunities may be compensated.  

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    Teaching & Training

  • Every day political and economic policy decisions are made that work to perpetuate poverty in our society.  And every day some of those can be changed, but only if we become informed and get engaged in ways that can change them. We are connected to several organized efforts that work to change public policy.  


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    Advocate for Change

Get Involved

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